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Enhancing the lives of nannies
and families through childcare education

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What Is Care Academy?

Care Academy is an online learning platform developed to help nannies, parents, and care givers learn important care skills. We provide classes in nutrition, positive discipline, safety, communication, and much more. The benefit is affordable and engaging classes that help anyone provide excellent childcare.

How does Care Academy work?

Taking Care Academy’s engaging classes is fun and helps you learn child care on the go. Here’s how it works:

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Taught by world class experts and care givers with decades of experience, get your questions answered in each of our classes. Talk to other students and take classes at your own pace! Take our classes on the go on your mobile device, ipad, or laptop. If you’re a care giving professional, feel confident with a certificate of completion and badges for LinkedIn, agency, and online profiles. We are here to support parents and care givers with tip sheets, how-to videos, and 24/7 support from Care Academy.


We know there’s more than one way to raise healthy and happy children. Our blog, online classes, professional development, and certification programs prepare nannies for a wide variety of situations.
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For Parents

Our courses and resources prepare nannies for the rigors of caring for a family and provide families with the tools necessary to create effective working agreements and relationships.

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For Agencies

Our programs are available to agencies and can be delivered individually or to entire cohorts of nannies.Smiling senior woman holding her glasses

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Care Academy Partners

Care Academy is proud to have it’s first agency partners. Our agency partners are agencies that have a track record of excellence, have demonstrated their commitment to families, and have sought to support nannies, caregivers, and our growing industry. We work alongside our agencies and businesses to create great training for nannies and caregivers. Here are profiles of our agencies:



Our Mission

At Care Academy our mission is to improve the lives of families, nannies, and professional caregivers through supportive education, resources, and community. Care Academy professional development classes and certification programs address the rigors of childcare and promote successful working relationships between nannies and the families who employ them.


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